Webinar | UgCS Mission Planning + LiDAR360 Data Processing

SPH Engineering and GreenValley International align UgCS mission planning software and LiDAR360 data processing software for UAV-based LiDAR surveying. Optimize your workflow and data collection methods to generate and analyze industry-standard surveying models and reports.


UgCS software for flight planning

  • Introduction to UgCS EXPERT LiDAR toolset

  • Drone connection and flight planning

  • Planning LiDAR area scan and corridor missions

  • Adding calibration actions

  • Using custom maps and elevation models for terrain following

LiDAR360 software for data processing

  • Brief introduction of GVI and the LiDAR360 software

  • Functional advantages of LiDAR360, complete, proficient, efficient, and user-friendly

  • Industry application samples to show the total solutions

  • Market, services, and FAQ

Learn how to apply for both programs and apply best practices to multiple industries.