UgCS desktop

UgCS is a complete software to plan and fly drone survey missions, supporting most popular UAV platform, providing convenient tools for areal and linear surveys and enabling direct drone control.

Flexible licensing model and broad fleet management feature set makes UgCS suitable for organisations of different scale: from single professional operator to large enterprise with UAV department.


UgCS for DJI app

The Android application is designed to establish connection between DJI drones and UgCS Desktop to upload and carry out previously planned mission or fly the drone in “Click&Go” mode.

UgCS for DJI can also be used as a stand alone application to manually fly the drone and capture photos or videos.


Choose UgCS licence that fits your application

ugcs-open test UgCS or to learn simple mission planning within line of sight.

ugcs-one plan advanced missions, beyond line of sight (BLOS) operation.

ugcs-pro provide professional drone survey services (e.g. agriculture, power-line, construction, mining), BLOS operation.


...for companies with UAV dispatch centre or for UAV training centre.


To test UgCS or learn simple mission planning within line of sight


For advanced mission planning, beyond line of sight (BLOS) operation


For professional drone service providers (e.g. agriculture, power-line, construction, mining), BLOS operation


For companies with UAV dispatch centre or for UAV training centres


Compare features and pricing...

Supported Drones and Autopilots

UgCS currently supports DJI: Phantom 4/4 Pro, Phantom 3, Phantom 2, Inspire 2, Inspire 1/1 Pro/Raw, Mavic Pro, A3, N3, Matrice 600/600 Pro, Matrice 200/210/210RTK, Matrice 100, A2, Naza-M v2, WooKong-M, Vision2+, Ace One; Ardupilot, Px4 and other MAVLink compatible; InnoFlight: Jupiter JM-1; Mikrokopter; Micropilot; Microdrones; LockheedMartin: Kestrel, Indago.



UgCS as an important part of an integrated professional UAS solution.

"Juniper Unmanned, Inc. provides advanced UAS based solutions to industry worldwide. Our company identified an integrated platform recently as being a powerful solution for many of our clients. We also found sensor packages that Juniper integrated and evaluated to be useful tools. The only thing left was finding a flight planning software that would be able to integrate into the platform, and be effective for a multitude of operations. We reached out to the management of UgCS and after extensive testing and integration Juniper Unmanned, Inc. was overall pleased with the software, and considers UgCS to be a crucial piece for multiple solutions.

UgCS was well thought out as a flight planning software. It has features that allow the user to plan flights with ease. Flight plans can be manipulated and customized quickly and accurately to whatever the user is trying to accomplish. A vast amount of our flights are conducted in varying terrain, and we have found the DTED and open source DTM function to be very helpful in accomplishing accurate data."

Tyler Sautter, Director of Training

Juniper Unmanned, Inc.

UgCS is robust and has never let us down…..we highly recommend it to any UAV operator

"Aerial Vision Australia & DroneAg has been operating specialised UAV aerial surveys now for over 5 years including low level terrain following magnetometer flights and we have found that UgCS is the perfect solution for flight planning and flight following, in fact, UgCS is now our preferred UAV software for all our fleet. UgCS is intuitive, 3D immersive and has a great situational awareness for our pilots, giving them just enough information to safely operate our aircraft. The team at UgCS are very supportive and always willing to take on board our suggestions on what we believe would make the software even further enhanced from our in the field experience."

Kyle Gardner, Chief Remote Pilot

Aerial Vision Australia & DroneAg

UgCS is perfect to manage more than one UAV!

"Our goal is to develop intelligent drones able to automatically examine large areas to search for avalanche victims.

UgCS enables complex flight mission planning and visualisation in the Bavarian Alps, including automatic terrain avoidance."

Michael Tietze, Ph.D. Student

Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS)

UgCS - a complete tool for mission planning that offers professional results.

"Tecnodron is an industrial-oriented drone company working mainly with thermographic, photogrammetric and multispectral sensors. Our experience in operations for large clients has positioned us as a good knower and reference of the sector.

The dynamics of industrial operations requires the use of applications - which is why at Tecnodron for mission planning we use UgCS - a complete tool that offers professional results."


UgCS Drone Dance Controller

Drone Dance Controller (DDC) is a software developed to enable simultaneous and synchronised control of up to hundreds of drones, applicable for stunning entertainment shows.

The DDC client enables to view the status of all drones and send simultaneous commands. It is also possible to divide all drones in groups and send commands to a specific group or single drone.


OEM version

UgCS OEM enables unmanned vehicle and autopilot manufacturers to provide hardware with tailor made ground control software.

Functionality of UgCS can be customised to meet technical requirements for particular application.


SDK for Developers

Besides having many out-of-the-box features, UgCS is built as a flexible platform that can be enriched with third party components or incorporated into complex solutions, like broadcast telemetry to cloud storage or create a light-show with a fleet of drones.


innovative sky mast

SPH Engineering has developed a ready-to-fly tethered drone system AirMast. Compared to some conventional mast systems Air Mast is easy and quickly deployable mean to bring up sensors in the sky, not requiring operators specific technical knowledge.

Ground control software for Air Mast is developed based on UgCS for tablet, having easy-to-use interface: onscreen buttons for taking off, landing, controlling the height of the drone and a few more to control the camera.