Webinar | UgCS features explained: #4 Connecting and using the joystick with UgCS

The webinar demonstrated how to control a #drone or it's payload with #Joystick when flying with #UgCS.

Topics covered during the webinar:

  • Connecting the joystick
  • Setting up joystick parameters
  • Flying the drone using a joystick - Q&A


Answers provided by UgCS Support team to questions asked during the webinar:

  • Q: Do you recommend Logitech?
    A: Pretty much any joystick is fine
  • Q: So if we control the gimbal, we have to see the camera view, right?
    A: Controlling the gimbal allows to control camera actions or anything that’s attached to the gimbal.
  • Q: What are the helicopter and world symbols
    A: World – world camera, Helicopter represents drone control, Camera – gimbal control
  • Q: And we can control start, stop record...
    A: If such actions in your camera are supported by UgCS – yes.