Drone with Metal, Gold & Treasure Detector KTS GPA 1000 or GPA 3000

UgCS for GPA-drone integrated system

The integrated system combines drone with a metal detecting device "Gold & Treasure Detector KTS GPA 1000 or GPA 3000" allowing to detect precious metals* and other buried metal objects*, underground cavities* or even ancient treasures*.

Using GPA Detector on a drone enables to scan the area several times faster compared if used as a handheld device and allows obtaining geo-located heatmaps of the area. To plan a survey mission with UgCS, just mark the area of interest on the map and start an automatic flight mission. The GPA+drone integrated system detects gold and metal objects buried up to a maximum depth of 10-15 meters and generates a GeoTIFF image of magnetic field anomalies.

One of the main components of the integrated system, enabling efficient survey planning is UgCS - flight planning software providing tools for easy creation and calculation of flight paths, and interpretation of acquired data in a user-friendly manner.

For more detailed information contact us ugcs@ugcs.com.

*Data provided by the GPA manufacturer KTS-Electronic https://kts-electronic.com/en/ground-penetrating-analyzer-gpa-3000.html