Drone swarm management software UgCS DDC enriched with ArtNET


Riga - September 15, 2017 - SPH Engineering is bringing drones and entertainment industry more closely by integrating ArtNET protocol into drone swarm management software UgCS DDC. ArtNET integration enables to incorporate drones equipped with show elements into stunning outdoor shows synced to music or live performers.

UgCS Drone Dance Controller (DDC) is first commercially available software, developed to manage a swarm of drones equipped with lights, fireworks, smoke generators or other payloads for astonishing shows. UgCS DDC relies on ArduCopter platform and almost all of the ArduPilot ecosystem. ArtNET integration enables drone payload management integrated into the scenario of shows, e.g. music or live performance.

UgCS DDC integration into show management over ArtNET

“It is marvelous to see a swarm of drones dance according to a pre-planned flight formations synchronized with music, displaying brand logos or messages. The diverse payload options add “WOW effect” to any show - smoke generators for daytime shows or LED-lights and fireworks for night shows,” says Janis Kuze, SPH Engineering Sales director. See a list of videos of UgCS DDC in action with diverse payloads from demo-flights and integrated into shows in USA and Poland.

For UgCS DDC testing purposes SPH Engineering is operating a fleet of 25 UAV running ArduCopter and equipped with RTK GPS units, RGB LED modules and a WiFi adapter. Instructions to replicate the drones used for UgCS DDC swarm testing is published on GitHub.

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About SPH Engineering / UgCS

UgCS is a complete platform developed by SPH Engineering to plan and fly professional drone missions, supporting all popular UAV platforms. UgCS DDC is developed to manage drone swarms equipped with lights and other payloads for entertainment outdoor shows. SPH Engineering offers unmanned systems integration services: building, acquiring and consulting on the selection of airframes, autopilots, payloads for a particular application and performing proof of concept projects and software development. More: www.ugcs.com