Enables simultaneous and synchronised control of dozens of drones as flying pixels with integrated Art-Net protocol.


UgCS DDC enriches possibilities of outdoor shows by adding drone swarm equipped with LEDs, fireworks, smoke generators and other special effects choreographed to music.

Manage with Art-Net

UgCS DDC and Art-Net protocol integration enables smooth drone swarm incorporation to outdoor shows, as addition to lasers, beams and other fixtures. Drone lights, fireworks and other special effect payloads are managed from show console with Art-Net.

Drones as flying pixel map

UgCS DDC currently is the only one commercially available software for drone swarm mission planning, management and payload control with integrated Art-Net. Drone flight path is planned in UgCS immersive 3D environment.




RTK GPS for advanced precision

When flying a large amount of drones simultaneously in close proximity to one another, precision is key. It is vital to ensure that necessary distance is kept between drones and there are no fluctuations in sensor readings. To ensure best drone swarm positioning precision RTK GPS should be used.

Set up your drone swarm show

Flying swarm of drones with synchronised moves and special effects choreographed to music can produce a truly stunning view. The type of UAV and payload for each show should be chosen according to scenario and location. It is possible to send synchronised commands to all drones of the swarm, or just to certain groups or even to individual vehicle.

Integration services

SPH Engineering offers UAV integration services: building, acquiring and consulting on selection of airframes, autopilots, payloads for particular application and performing proof of concept projects and software development, to ensure compatibility with diverse show management platforms.

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