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MAVLink compatible Pixhawk / APM Airplane

UgCS allows you to take your Pixhawk / APM Airplane mission planning to the next level. UgCS makes mission planning easier and more immersive.


About Mission Planning Software for Pixhawk Plane

There’s no doubt that Pixhawk autopilot is one of the most diverse and capable small fixed wing aircraft autopilots out in the market. UgCS allows you to send your Pixhawk-equipped fixed wing plane on automated flights with ease.

When it comes to automated mission planning, UgCS is the most innovative solution out there. We offer a mission planning solution that is easy to use and features an intuitive user interface. UgCS gives you the power to plan your flights in a 3D mission planning environment. Waypoints can be placed simply by double clicking on the map, aerial surveys can be created with ease and comfort.


UgCS is optimized for use with fixed wing aircraft. Place takeoff and landing points, UgCS automatically calculates the necessary slope and distance for an effective automatic landing approach. The telemetry window shows both – ground speed and air speed if your plane is equipped with an airspeed sensor.

UgCS is open to customization. By default UgCS uses Google maps and terrain elevation data. However you are free to import your own 3D buildings, terrain elevation profiles or even your own map sources. UgCS also has many visual themes from which you can choose the one you prefer.

UgCS gives you the power to experience the full functionality of your Pixhawk-equipped airplane. Take aerial images automatically and afterwards geotag them with the geotagging tool which is in-built in UgCS.

UgCS also supports Click & Go mode and Joystick control, giving you even more ways to control your aircraft.


Try UgCS, we think you’ll enjoy what we have created!