Vertical scan with Drones

Time and cost saver for construction, engineering and mining industries.
UgCS Vertical scan tool for drones allows to scan facades, open pit walls, industrial chimneys, cell towers.

The automatic UgCS Vertical scan tool allows to plan drone survey missions along flat or curved surface or around objects to get consistent overlap and Ground Sample Distance (GSD)
Advantages of UgCS Vertical scan for Drones
  • Highly accurate measurements
    Enables easy capturing of high-resolution imagery from vertical objects, like building walls, bridges, open pit walls, cell towers, wind turbines. Terrain following mode.
  • Automated flight
    Software automatically calculate the optimal flying path and perform the mission.
  • Time-efficient
    Faster and easily-repeatable surveys at low cost
  • Increased staff safety
    Improving worker and site-safety management. 3D flight planning environment for increased safety and preflight awareness.
UgCS automatic Vertical / Facade scan tool in action
UgCS: key features
Works without internet
3D map, terrain following, custom map/terrain import
KML import/export
Mission planning for all types of drone surveys
How it works
Similar to horizontal mapping missions, the UgCS Vertical scan tool allows pilots to draw a vertical plane of the survey area just as easily.
Plan 3D route in UgCS
Connect drone to upload route
Fly and capture data
Facade Scan tool for UAV vertical inspections
How-To Article
Learn how UgCS Vertical scan works
A step-by-step guide how to automate drone photography of vertical objects such as:
  • Building facades
  • Bridges
  • Chimneys
  • Open-pit walls.
The automatic UgCS Vertical scan tool for industrial inspections saves time and is more cost effective than traditional survey equipment.
Fasade scan
UgCS Vertical scan tool allows to plan drone survey mission of flat or curved surfaces taking in account the relief of surface
The drone scans open-pit walls flying above the road or following terrain in a vertical or horizontal direction
Industrial Inspections
The option to set a Point of Interest (POI) for the UgCS Vertical scan, enables to inspect industrial chimneys, wind turbines and cell towers
UgCS license types and pricing
UgCS PRO perpetual
Includes key features required for professional mission planning and flight control
€ 790/per user
For teams and drone service providers.
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Customer reviews
  • Kyle Gardner,
    Chief Remote Pilot
    "UgCS is robust and has never let us down…..we highly recommend it to any UAV operator"
    "The dynamics of industrial operations requires the use of applications - which is why at Tecnodron for mission planning we use UgCS - a complete tool that offers professional results."
Supported drones and autopilots
UgCS supports most popular UAV platforms
DJI M300
DJI M600 series
DJI M200/210 series
DJI Inspire 1 and Inspire 2 series
DJI Mavic series
DJI Phantom 3 & 4 series
excluding RTK and Agro
Parrot ANAFI
MAVLink compatible autopilots

Need support for other autopilot?

A desktop based mission planning and flight control software
UgCS for DJI
App to connect DJI drones and UgCS desktop
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