UPDATE | Announcing support for Micasense multispectral sensors RedEdge-M/MX

October 12, 2021 - Riga, Latvia - SPH Engineering announces UgCS Mapper support for RedEdge-M/MX multispectral sensors, enabling a comprehensive assessment of crop health.

SPH Engineering is delighted to announce that now UgCS Mapper supports Micasense RedEdge-M/MX multispectral cameras. The new integration will enable UgCS Mapper users to:

  • Map Red, Green, Blue, RedEdge, NIR channels to 3 output channels and stitch orthomosaics

  • Calibrate image with Micasense calibration plate and gamma correction

  • Stitch elevation

UgCS Mapper is a lightweight photogrammetry software that can work purely offline in the field, create maps and elevation data on the fly and stitch multispectral images into orthomosaics. Furthermore, it supports batch processing and integration of photogrammetry into complex workflows through a command-line interface.

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