UgCS - an Alternative to DJI Ground Station

UgCS as an Alternative to DJI Ground Station

Worried about losing the possibility of flight planning for DJI on PC? Starting 2016, DJI has discontinued the PC mission planning software Ground Station due to Google discontinuing their Google Earth API. Along with that, there has been a recall of DJI 900 MHz radio links.

Having it'sown map engine UgCS does not rely on Google Earth API, enabling to use desktop mission planning for DJI drones - providing users the comfort to plan drone missions in office prior to the trip to a field. That’s right, with UgCS the drone does not need to be connected and turned on to plan the route! Just turn the drone on, upload the preplanned flight plan and take off.

Both – 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz datalinks work just fine with UgCS, no worries about the equipment becoming obsolete.

UgCS supports DJI Phantom 2,  Phantom 2 Vision+, Naza-M V2, A2, Wookong-M. Because of closed DJI infrastructure for newer drone models, a middleware the Android app UgCS for DJI has to be installed to be able to use desktop mission planning also for DJI Phantom 4/4Pro, Phantom 3, Inspire 2, Inspire 1/1Pro/Raw, N3, A3, Matrice 600/600Pro, M200/210/210RTK, Matrice 100 and MavicPro.

With UgCS enables to control multiple drones simultaneously and even save the pre-set missions for later use. UgCS features a 3D map, user-friendly interface, waypoint actions, area scan, photogrammetry and circle mission types, including functionality like Click&Go as well.

For map making and surveying there are many cameras presets, which can be selected, and then the camera parameters are automatically used for calculating area scan or photogrammetry missions. UgCS also comes with an inbuilt image geotagging tool and telemetry player. To help with map precision any map source can be used in UgCS, or cache the maps to work in a location with no internet.

UgCS allows the import of custom 3D buildings and terrain elevation models (Digital Elevation Data (DEM)) can be imported to plan flights in terrain following mode. UgCS has in-built no-fly zones and the possibility to create custom no-fly zones.

UgCS works on Windows, macOS and Linux.

UgCS covers most of the functionality of DJI PC Ground Control Station and adds a lot of useful functionality on top of that making it a wise choice once Google Earth API stops functioning.

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