UgCS 1.5 is out and we are out of Beta!


UgCS 1.5 is out. UgCS 1.5 is last version with old user interface and map engine before we launch UgCS 2.0 later this year.

Main improvements from UgCS 1.4:

- cameras repository filled with lot of popular cameras
- Area Scan corrected and tested with different cameras
- implemented support for DJI Wookong-M and A2
- tested support for group missions of DJI drones

Current differences between Pro and Open versions (in 1.5): Open is limited to 120m in altitude and maximal radius of operations from starting point is 500m.

With UgCS 2.0 in October differences will be as described in

Currently we offer first 100 PRO licenses with 50% discount from 2000USD down to 1000USD per operator. Free upgrade to UgCS 2.0 PRO is included.