Probably first 3DR Quad received ICAO 24-bit address


ICAO address is used as unique airframe identifier for so called Mode-S transponders - Aviation transponder interrogation modes

It is likely, at least in Europe, that beyond line of sight UAV operations in future will require equipping UAVs with such transponder.

So we decided to start working on ADS-B OUT transponders integration with popular autopilots and adding these features to our ground control software UgCS (

As first carrier we have selected 3DR Quad with Pixhawk. Why Pixhawk? - This line of autopilots have matured and we expect lot of commercial applications will be using it.

We will be ready for that with our solution for Pixhawk- ADS-B transponder integration.

We selected 3D Robotics Quad because we have lot of them and they are symbolic for getting quads and UAV technology to the masses. :-)

We will use Sagetech XPS-TR transponder because of its small size and weight, which allows equipping even lightest UAVs with it.

4 months ago we approached Latvian Civil Aviation Agency with request to provide us ICAO 24-bit address for our quad, and now it has happened!

Latvian Civil Aviation Agency (FAA analogue for us) has issued ICAO address 502С08 for our little bird - 3DR Quad with "tail number" 6 (see picture).