New Versions Released - UgCS 4.15

Riga, Latvia - March 31, 2023 – SPH Engineering, provider of UAV software solutions, integration services, consulting, and custom development to expand drone applications, announces release of UgCS 4.15 and UgCS for DJI 2.39 - FX4.

What's new:


  • Added ability to connect to UgCS directly from DJI Pilot 2 for DJI M3E series, M30 series, and M300 - You can use this instead of UgCS for DJI. Connect DJI Pilot 2 to UgCS and access planned routes without exporting them.

  • Added ability to control speed when moving to the first waypoint - "Initial speed" is a new parameter in the Route options window. It controls drone speed when flying to the first waypoint.

  • Added Japanese and Korean localizations


  • Fixed an issue where, when removing an empty mission, a new one was created.

  • Improvements in the Elevation Profile window stability.

  • Improvements in overall application stability.


  • Additional UI themes have been removed. Now only the default theme is available.

  • Removed Click&Go command for PX4 vehicles.

  • Removed “Do not modify” option from “Action on loss of RC” drop-down menu in route parameters for all DJI vehicles.

Download the latest UgCS version »»»

UgCS for DJI


For SkyHub users flying missions with true terrain following - UgCS now remembers the part of the route flown during terrain following. It is highlighted, and the “Continue“ option is available when uploading the route to SkyHub again after a battery change.


  • Fixed an issue where in some cases, route upload could fail with "java.util.concurrent.CancellationException" error.

  • The range of the manual focus slider was fixed for DJI Zenmuse H20 and P1.

  • Camera infinity focus setting on P1 now works in the same way as in DJI Pilot.

  • Other bug fixes and improvements in overall application stability.

Download the latest UgCS for DJI version »»»