New UgCS v.3.7 released


Riga, Latvia - August 1, 2020 - For this latest update of the UgCS, its developer – SPH Engineering – has focused on adding support for new DJI drone types, upgrade the functionality of the Corridor mapping tool, and improving the user experience the smart drone mission planning software.

Release notes for UgCS v.3.7.167

  • Added RTK indication in telemetry window

  • Critical bugs fixed.

Release notes for UgCS v.3.7.153

  • Added vehicle and camera profiles to recognize DJI M300, P4RTK, P4MultiSpectral drones (currently experimental, no official support)

  • Added option to create Corridor mapping route based on the imported KML file

  • Fixed incorrect altitudes for mission’s waypoints for PX4

  • Fixed issue with incorrectly functioning image centers for images captured by DJI XT2

  • Increase overall stability

  • Minor bug fixes.

Starting UgCS v.3.6 the UgCS Mapper is no longer a part of UgCS installer. UgCS Mapper will be released as a separate product. For further assistance please contact 

UgCS for DJI version 2.25.13 release notes:

  • Updated DJI SDK up to v.4.12

  • Added NTRIP support for DJI M200 series drones and Phantom 4 RTK

  • Added recognition for DJI M300, P4RTK, P4MultiSpectral drones

  • Added a summary of the preflight checklist situation of the aircraft

  • Added support for UgCS CC v.4.0

  • Fixed bug of Photogrammetry, when during overshoot, the drone continued to take photos

  • Minor bug fixes.

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About SPH Engineering / UgCS
SPH Engineering is the world’s premier software developer and integration services provider for unmanned systems. Its UgCS, Drone Show Software, and UgCS Command & Control software, as well as integration solutions for drones with methane detectors, laser altimeters, metal detectors Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR), are applied across a broad range of industries worldwide.