How to: 3DR Pixhawk and Sagetech ADS-B integration


In January, 2015 we published on that the test integration of 3DR copter with Sagetech XPS-TR transponder was acomplished.

We have received permission from Sagetech to disclose part of their communication protocol in our source codes and can publish all technical information of the solution.

In our experimental project, we used the Arduino board as a communication layer between autopilot and transponder.

Arduino sketch controls transponder mode and decodes telemetry from the autopilot.

Source code and schematic available at GitHub -

Operation of ADS-B solution was monitored using the following methods:

- ADS-B receiver Sagetech Clarity + FlyQ EFB application

- Ground control software UgCS with ADS-B receiver support

- Webpage

During tests, 3DR Quad showed on all types of receivers without interruptions. Thus UAV was seen by nearby air traffic and its presence made known to ensure airspace safety.

See a short video preview of a copter with an onboard ADS-B Transponder flying a route on autopilot set in UgCS.

We hope that our experience can help you if you want to reproduce the same solution.