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Phantom 3 Ground Station Software

UgCS gives DJI drone users the full capability of our desktop mission planning software. UgCS for DJI Android app serves as a bridge between Phantom 3 and UgCS running on a laptop. Get more out of your Phantom 3 with UgCS!


What is U|g|CS Phantom 3 Ground Station Software

DJI Phantom 3 features one of the most simple to use interfaces on the market with the addition of featuring a 4K video camera. However, most mission planning solutions for DJI Phantom 3 are apps based either on iOS or Android, meaning you have to use a tablet for this.


UgCS App for DJI Phantom 3

At UgCS we have developed an UgCS' app for DJI specifically for allowing you to connect DJI Phantom 3 to our desktop version of UgCS. This gives you the full extent of UgCS desktop mission planning without restricting any features.

Phantom 3 Ground Station Features

UgCS Ground Station software features a 3D globe on which you can plan missions for your Phantom 3. Import 3D building models, terrain elevation profiles and even customisable maps.
Phantom 3 supports most of UgCS features: automatic camera triggers in missions, stop & turn and adaptive bank trajectories, hold and continue commands during the missions, click & go mode and much more. Additionally, with UgCS you are able to fly longer routes, exchange the battery after half of its life and then continue from where you left off.

All you need during the flight

UgCS gives you all the data you need during the flight. UgCS Android app can receive live video stream from your Phantom 3 and allows you to control recording and take pictures. The app also shows you the quality of data link, battery level and much more. On UgCS running on your laptop you will be able to see the full telemetry data display, featuring course and heading indicators, ground speed, battery level, flight mode and more.


Try U|g|CS to get more out of your Phantom 3!